10 tips on how you can promote your website for free

Do you want to advertise your website without paying a single cent? Then you have found the right place.

Today, there are very many channels that allow you to promote your website free. These tricks work well to generate more traffic to your website, whether it already has many visitors or not. You need absolutely no money to implement any of these proposals.

Write newsletter to get more repeat visitors to your website. There are several free email marketing systems that you can use to design the newsletter and get people to subscribe to them.

2. Update your website continuously with material that is interesting to the visitors. Both visitors and search engines love fresh, new content, be it business news, guides, or something else entirely. Learn more about content marketing.

3. Use your e-mail signature and voice mail to advertise the website. In addition to making the recipient aware of your website name, can you tell us about the latest news and social media which you are on?

4. Write press releases and e-mailing them out to newspapers, industry-related magazines, and similar media. An old method that works superbly today.

5. Sign up for niche internet forums that are related to your website and which allows members to link back to their websites, for example, the signature or profile page. Then, just to be active, answer questions and provide thought-out comments to attract new traffic to your website.

6. Organize a contest and promote it through the website and on social media. Profit price need not cost a single cent for it to get the competition rolling. Usually enough honour as incentives.

7. Replace the advertisements and links with another website and enjoy a situation where everyone goes home a winner. This works best if the website you are linking to is not in any way competing with your business, but rather complements it.

8. Register your website in Google Webmaster Tools to find out how you can improve various functions of your website. If you make these corrections, the site will most likely be ranked better on Google and other search engines.

9. Test your website speed with Page Speed Insights The tool measures how quickly websites and pages loaded by both mobile phones and PCs and provides suggestions on how you can make the page even faster.

10. Write guest posts and articles on other websites. There are many websites out there looking for writers who can share their expertise. In exchange, you can link to your website. You can also ask other people to post on your site so that it has more quality content.

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